Our Pay Per Click Company

We don’t often make recommendations, but we’d really like to say a big thank-you to our pay pay per click company myWebhero help us with our online marketing. As an online retailer, we’re reliant on appearing in search engine results at the right time, for the right query. myWebhero have helped us with our PPC […]

Fish illness that effect your pond

We all know from time to time we get ill and we have to visit the local doctors and hopefully they will give us some treatment that will cure or mend us back to 100% health.  The same is true for you fish in your pond and imgoing to talk about some illnesses and cures, […]

Pond Filters Best For My Pond Or Water Feature

So you have made the choice to have a pond or water feature made in your garden or special place and you want to keep Koi carp or gold fish and you dont know what you are going to do to keep the water crystal clear all year round.  The questions and choice pile up […]

Blanket weed problem

So the weather is still getting hotter and now you will start to see the fish come alive! At this point you should consider changing your filter brushes, pads and media. You may also notice the dreaded Blanket weed has returned for another season.  You look in dismay as you thought you had seen the […]

Warm weather feeding time.

Now that the weather has begun to warm up above 10 degrees you fish will start moving around and start showing interest in feeding on a regular bases.  The question you should ask yourself is what is a good feed and how much should I feed them? At Aqua-Aquatics.com we recomend that you vist our […]