Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer 500ml


Maintain a healthy fish stock. Use Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer, a general treatment for use against bacterial infections, to prevent:
  • Ulcers
  • Fin Rot
  • Wound infection


A general treatment for use against bacterial infections.
Use 10ml per 250litres (55gal) switch off ultra violet light for 10 days.
Do not repeat treatment for 10days.
Ulcers – cause: Bacteria
Symptoms: open sores red looking generally on body of fish.
Damage – cause: Accidental when breeding, attacked by heron, sudden disturbance
Symptoms: reddish scrapping on body of fish, large open wound, missing scales.
Fin and tail rot – cause: Bacteria
Symptoms: blood streaking and rotting away reddish tips to effected area.


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