Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 10kg Bulk Buy


Eliminate your blanketweed problem with Cloverleaf Blanket Answer – the most effective treatment for pond weed also known as blanketweed.

Blanket Answer is safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems.

10kg will treat 125,000 litres

Only one easy application required

Starts to kill blanket weed immediately

Bulk 10kg pack for very large ponds or multiple / trade uses


Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 10kg

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer was voted the number 1 best Blanketweed treatment in a user survey

Blanketweed is the biggest problem for most pond keepers – It quickly covers the pond a green slime, spoiling the enjoyment of the pond and blocking filters and pumps. Voted the number 1 in a user survey as the best blanket weed treatment. Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes to cure your blanket weed problem. Use Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 10kg to treat upto 125,000 litres, ideal for large ponds, lakes or multiple sites.

Why Use Cloverleaf Blanket Answer?

Blanket Answer is a unique formula which seeks to succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures will fail.
Blanket Answer is safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems.
For persistent filamentous algae growth it is recommended that the pond be treated 8 times a year.


Cloverleaf blanket answer for koi ponds

How To Get Rid Of Blanket Weed

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer Instructions

To use Cloverleaf Blanket Anwer, simply mix the required blanket weed killer powder with water in a suitable container such as a watering can.

Blanket Answer Dosage: 1 scoop treats 285 litres (65 gal)

Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the pond surface to start to remove the blanket weed.

The pond will initially take on a  milky appearance, but this will clear after about 5 days.

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