Cloverleaf CHJ6003 Fountain Pump


All Cloverleaf pond pumps come with a 2 year Warranty.

Technical details for the CLJ6003

Voltage: AC230V/50H

Power consumption: 100 Watt

Max Displacement: 6,000 Litres Hour

Max Displacement Height: 4 Meters

Max Outlet Size: 1 Inch

Max Displacement: 5,000 Litres Hour

Max Displacement Height: 3.8 Meters

Max Outlet Size: 1 Inch


The Cloverleaf CHJ range of multi-function pumps are designed to be used to run fountain displays along with waterfalls either as a combination of both or individually they also come supplied with a water bell fountain head which not only looks very pleasing but offers a more confined water effect for smaller ponds over the traditional fountain head also supplied.

The Cloverleaf CHJ models are similar to the CL-CQB range with the addition of a built in flow control and are available in several sizes to suit any sized pond.


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