Cloverleaf Greenwater Answer 1 Litre


Cloverleaf Green Water Answer is an effective treatment for the removal of water borne algae. Use this product to keep your pond water crystal clear and free of green algae.

Available in 250ml, 500ml or 1,000ml.


For the removal of water borne algae.

Use 10ml per 454litres (100gal) can be used every 5 days if problem persists.
Safe to use with all pond plants.
Cause: A bloom of unicellular algae which usually occurs during periods of prolonged sunlight.
Symptoms: The pond water takes on a light or dark green discolour and your fish become difficult to see.
Green water can also be controlled with the use of a Cloverleaf Ultra Violet Sterilizer when used with a suitable pond pump and filter.


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