Choosing a UV Clarifier

Choosing a UV Clarifier.

There are a number of considerations when choosing a UV clarifier such as price, durability and of course the pond volume they can efficiently clarify. We sell a range of top quality UV clarifiers from UK  company, Cloverleaf. Here is some information to help you chose the best UV clarifier for you.

How do UV filters work?

96w uv koi water clear clarifier algea goneAlgae are small single celled organisms that often pass through conventional filters due to their size. Physically filtering is often ineffective and another means is needed to keep your water crystal clear and free of algae.

Passing your pond water through a UV the light breaks down the algae and causes them to stick together in larger clumps that your pond filter can trap and remove.



When deciding on the best UV clarifier it is important to consider how durable it is and how long it will last.

You can choose from a range of build materials such as plastic, stainless steel and titanium. Plastic bodied UV clarifiers tend to be cheaper, but are less robust than others. Titanium UV clarifiers on the other hand offer greater durability, they are tough and are immune to corrosion making them virtually indestructible and giving greater longevity.  Of course, this performance comes at a price and Titanium UVs can be significantly more expensive than plastics and the mid range stainless steel UV clarifiers,

 UV Filter Size Guide

The power or wattage of a UV filter determines how large a pond volume it can effectively clarify. Here’s a handy table to work out what watt UV clarifier you need for your pond.

24w          =           1,800 Gal           =          8,100 L

36w          =           2,500 Gal           =          11,000 L

48w          =           3,000 Gal           =         13,000 L

72w          =           7,000 Gal           =         31,000 L

144w        =           9,000 Gal           =         40,000 L


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